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I’ll stop reblogging this when it stops being funny.


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Times I Teared Up: Episode 2: Ami — Sailor Mercury

hikouki-gumo replied to your post “oh noooooo I started watching the commercials T-N bundles with the…”

thanks, this also reminded me that Morita Suzuka is turning 21 this year /o/


That’s…really weird too….everyone’s growing up DDD:

…lmao I just looked it up

the Shinkenger Blu-rays are $220 each

There’s only three of them though, so I think that’s still cheaper than buying the 12 DVDs (that are like $65 each)?  And apparently they include the Kamen Rider Decade episodes where he was in Shinkenger world, so that’s cool.

why are Japan’s prices for CDs and DVDs so crazy high, what the heck.

oh noooooo I started watching the commercials T-N bundles with the ToQger episodes and suddenly Shinkenger Blu-ray commercial???

I. I don’t think it actually hit me until this very moment that Shinkenger was 5 years ago.

But it feels like just a few months ago I was trying to watch the first episode on Keyhole as it was airing in Japan… ;____;


you never realize how much you love sleeping until you have to wake up in the morning 

Apparently, if I leave at a reasonable time from work, and spend my bus rides doing my Anki flashcards for the day rather than scrolling aimlessly through Tumblr, I have a lot more time in the evenings!! Who would have guessed |D

Wow~ it’s not even 9 yet! Maybe I even have time to add another day’s worth of N1 vocab to Anki?? I’ve been really slacking on adding new vocab since it’s a pain to input it all >___< But I really need to get my shit together if I want to try for N1 this winter…not that I have any hope of actually passing N1 either way, but…>____>

I also maybe have time to throw in another 100 words from my Indonesian deck!  I’ve been having a lot of fun with that one lately actually :D  It’s just a couple thousand Indonesian vocab in no order whatsoever, so it taught me how to say things like ‘suicide’ before ‘you’ (though I know how to say that anyway, haha).  Useful |DDDD

Or maybe I should just get back to watching toku.  I feel like kind of a dork spending so much of my summer studying, hahaha.  Even if it is really super fun learning foreign languages…



Always my favorite because the “External inertial dampener” IS A SPACE VERSION OF A FUCKING PARKING BREAK.

GDI PIKE these young fresh academy kids do not get your awesome jokes.

from the original script:

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"I’m an adult", I say to myself as I go to the grocery store on the way home from work

"I’m an adult", I say to myself as I leave the store with a bag containing only milk, Ben and Jerry’s, ice cream-flavored iced coffee, and Milanos