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So in the end I watched 18 episodes of Kamen Rider Wizard this weekend….my marathon game is too weak these days =(  I used to be able to watch that many episodes in one day…

I want to keep watching (Mayu’s back next episode!!) but if I do I’ll want to watch the one after that too, and it’s already 11 and I have things to do =(  I was going to put off some real life things until I finished watching Wizard, but now that it’s taking longer than expected I should seriously just do the things tonight >_____<  I can’t put off my real world responsibilities by watching silly superhero shows forever!!  I wish I could though =(  Sending emails is scaryyyyyyy.




Yosuke Likes Kamen Rider

…okay, nobody can argue Yosuke’s tastes


He really likes Kamen Rider.

oh shit, I’ve been ‘replying’ out loud to Sora’s “hello~~~”s all day (because it’s too cute, I can’t help it ;___;) , but I just did it and then realized my roommate’s home |D  Well.  Saying “hello” is probably an acceptable thing to overhear cause I could be on the phone or something, so I guess it’s okay, but…>____>

She probably already thinks I’m crazy anyway, hahaha…


playing a game for nostalgia but realizing you’re going to have to fight that boss again



this episode took a sudden turn for the creepy

Episodes where a bad guy works with the good guys in order to defeat an even badder guy ;;;A;;;

Sora protecting the Gate ;___; Haruto saving Sora ;_______;

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I really do like T-N, even though I know a lot of people have issues with their subs - too flashy, too many effects, karaoke, leaving things like honorifics in, whatever.  Those things don’t bother me, and I’ve gotten used to it to the point where it actually bothers me when I watch subs that don’t have those things |D;

But…come on T-N, you can at least translate something like ‘mou’…XD;

says someone who constantly uses it in English posts >___>